Panic Pond by Cole Baxter

Panic Pond by Cole Baxter
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 196 KB

The people of Liar’s Island like it quiet, and like to keep their secrets. The problem is that some of those secrets are very, very dirty…
Detective Amber Smith of Liar’s Island PD knows uncovering the resident’s dirty secrets and ensuring those behind them see justice isn’t easy. The insular, secretive inhabitants of the island don’t like spilling what they know. Lucky for Amber, she’s a master of disguise.

Her latest undercover job: a night attendant at Kelley’s Gas Station, where her eccentric friend Ray Kelley has suffered a break-in that has cost him several thousand dollars in theft and damages. While evidence points to an inside job, the locals are convinced that one of the island’s troublemakers—or former troublemakers—is to blame.

Missing security recordings and a laundry list of suspects—from disgruntled employees, hellraising teens, and even Ray himself— weave a tangled, mysterious web for Amber to unravel.
Despite the grand island tradition of constantly hiding or muddling the truth, Amber is intent on getting to the heart of this mystery without getting stuck in island dramatics. If she gets it wrong, an innocent person will have their life ruined. But if she gets it right, she may end up losing one of her best friends on the island.

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