Out of the Dark by Mark Henwick

Out of the Dark by Mark Henwick (The Long Way Home #2)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 320 KB

All for one and one for all.
An ancient saying, but Jan and Bjorn have lived by it. Carrying the burden of their mission to save an ungrateful home world, they and the oddball crew of the Acid Penguin must deal with uncertain friends and unwelcoming space stations as they mix trade and rescue missions, while battling with pirates on their journey into the Margin.

But on their path is a major star system about to be convulsed with revolution and war. A star system with a navy on the lookout for the Acid Penguin. It’s a fool’s errand, but Jan has made a commitment, even though she knows the Dark takes fools. Every spacer knows this truth. The crew of the Acid Penguin have cheated the Dark at every turn, but the Dark always wins in the end.
What will this all for one commitment cost? Her ship? Her crew? Her life?

Or everything?

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