Order of Shirán by R.K. Lander

Order of Shirán by R.K. Lander
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 786 KB

Everything dies – even elves. But immortality comes at a price: leave everything behind – everything except memories…

In a new world where magic is no longer myth, Feldar is brought back to life by the hands of the Dominie, those who guide elven spirits on their journeys through the elven worlds.

In death, Feldar accepted to serve the gods as a Shirán Warrior, but his path towards the Order is stunted by the memory of his own, tragic death and what he was forced to do.
Meanwhile, war rages against the revenant demi-god Arzen, possessor of immortal souls, usurper of elven realms. With an army of undying mortals, it is only a matter of time before the Source to the third world is breached, leaving the elves of Naz’arán isolated and alone.

The Shirán commanders will break the rules of the Dominie Code in the hopes that Feldar is the one who can turn the tides of war. But as his memories return, anger consumes him. Can he win the battle in his mind? Remember who he is – what he is, and find a way to stop Arzen and his revenant army from annihilating Elvendom?

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