One Last Bite by Leah Cupps

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One Last Bite by Leah Cupps
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Sadie’s dream job is about to become her nightmare.
Chef Sadie Jackson is ready to escape a troubled past, so she’s overjoyed when she’s offered the chance to work at Thistle, a new restaurant owned by her culinary heroes the legendary Devon and Norah Winthrop.
Even though she’s starting out as a dishwasher, Sadie’s willing to do whatever it takes to impress the golden couple.
But she soon discovers that something is off in the Winthrops’ seemingly perfect world. Sadie hears whispers of money troubles. Illegal activities. She sees the strange bruises on Norah’s arms.

And then there’s the mysterious cabin at the back of the property. Why is there always a light on at night? Who is staying there?
Sadie begins to understand that the Winthrops have a very dark secret. A secret which, if it’s ever revealed, will destroy their perfect lives. And that makes her wonder just how far they’ll go to protect their glowing reputation.
She’s about to find out….

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