One Bad Roll by Ryan Rimmel

One Bad Roll by Ryan Rimmel (Fifth Era Apocalypse #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 1.3 MB

One bad roll catapults a group of friends into a new world…

Five friends gather for their usual game night like they have hundreds of time before. But when they use a strange new die, they are instantly transported to a fantasy world where all gaming ideas can come true.

Together, the party must join forces to deal with the vile Necrolord whose plans will not only threaten this world, but Earth as well. Should be easy for a team of lifelong gamers.
However, when gaming and real life collide, there are situations which can’t be anticipated.
Will Samo use science to solve all her problems? Will Wyatt always resort to violence? Will Bourbon discover lost treasure? Will Falcon restore his kingdom. Will Melf, the bard, find his pants?

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