Murder Unsolved by Bruce Beckham

Murder Unsolved by Bruce Beckham (Detective Inspector Skelgill Investigates #18 )
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 350 KB

High in lonely Swinesdale, notorious burglars Jake and Boris Baddun perish in a burnt-out stolen Mercedes. Known associate Dale Spooner leaves his biological signature and the predatory DI Alec Smart moves in for the kill. Spooner is convicted, and now languishes in jail.

A rumour reaches Skelgill: Spooner is innocent and can prove it – a cast-iron alibi, a video on a hidden mobile phone. But Spooner will not talk. At stake is the safety of his girlfriend Jade Nelson and their young child.
While Spooner remains the fall guy, the real killer walks free – and organised crime pulls the strings. Realising the jeopardy, unable officially to re-open the case, Skelgill and his team walk a tightrope. Their challenge: to penetrate a mystifying wall of silence, and ‘unsolve’ a murder – while nobody notices.

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