Murder Most Illegal by John Duckworth

Murder Most Illegal by John Duckworth (Carolyn Neville #6)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 780 KB

Carolyn Neville and her colleague, Stephen Ames, are sleuthing editors who can’t seem to side-step trouble.
When Pendleton House lawyer Gina Casebeer is accused of murdering a man close to Carolyn’s heart, the case seems open-and-shut. And even though Carolyn feels obligated to find the killer—and find him or her fast—she can’t shake her gut feeling that Gina isn’t the real culprit.

As Carolyn and Stephen’s suspect list grows longer by the day, Carolyn’s need for justice grows greater than ever before. But life doesn’t stop one murder at a time.

Before she knows it, Carolyn’s clueless boss is asking her to fend off a lawsuit by an author’s psychotic husband, and a prison riot and a prickly police detective are the only things standing in their way.
Tackling one insurmountable hurdle after another, Carolyn and Stephen are working at breakneck speeds. But will they be able to uncover two unlikely suspects before they pose the greatest danger to them all?

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