Murder In All Fury by Anne Cleeland

Murder In All Fury by Anne Cleeland (The Doyle & Acton #16)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 409 KB

The much-anticipated homicide trial for the fentanyl murders was going forward, but Doyle couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d overlooked an important suspect, along the way.

It may have been because Acton was being more secretive than his usual, and was taking great pains to keep his wedded wife away from the trial, and away from the evidence, which would be presented.

Or, it may have been because there’d been a string of arson fires, which appeared to be related to the fentanyl case.

Regardless, it seemed that it would be left to the fair Doyle, to try to piece together who’d really killed the popular MP—so long as she could do it between breast-feedings, a cheeky toddler, and having to deal with a missing nanny.

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