Memoirs of a Monster Killer by David J. Phifer

Memoirs of a Monster Killer by David J. Phifer (Killing Forever #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 340 KB

If Batman and Punisher had a baby that hunted monsters, it’s Solomon Ivy. Only, he’s not a baby. He’s old. Experienced. And badass. In fact, Solomon Ivy is the world’s most dangerous monster hunter. When an old lover’s soul is taken by Poe, a supernatural killer who can drain people’s souls(How effed up is that?!), Ivy’s only chance is to partner with her underachieving son to save her and stop the killer.

As if they weren’t screwed enough, Poe can bring forth monsters with a whisper. Say Whaaaat? Now, while Ivy trains the boy to fight evil, he discovers there’s an untapped power buried within the boy that could either lead them to victory or end in Ivy’s untimely demise(Seriously, it could. The kid’s an idiot). Running out of time, Ivy must team up with the misfit slacker and a devious witch to stop Poe before he kills again. Can he train the boy and save his mother or will Ivy die in the attempt and her soul be lost forever?

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