Master General by G J Ogden

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Master General by G J Ogden (The Aternien Wars #6)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

From the ashes of a shattered empire, a God King rises seeking chaos.
After four years of peace, rumor of a new Aternien leader reaches the Union of Nine; a dark god forged from the ashes of defeat.
Twisted by a malevolent hunger for revenge, Apophis, the embodiment of the Egyptian God of Chaos, seeks to destroy humanity and remake the universe in his image.

Master General Carter Rose always knew this day would come.
Ready with the next generation of augmented super-soldiers and a new Longsword II-class battleship, Carter will once again protect a people who had once forsaken him. But this time his secret weapon is a prodigy forged in the crucible of war – the first new Master Commander in a century.

Carter knows that even this may not be enough. His only hope lies in making a pact with an exiled faction of Aterniens. They hold the secret to defeating the new God King.
But can Carter trust his sworn enemy not to betray him?

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