Mapmatics by Paulina Rowinska

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Mapmatics: How We Navigate the World Through Numbers by Paulina Rowinska
English | 2024 | Education & Reference

How does a delivery driver distribute hundreds of packages in a single working day?
Why does remote Alaska have such a large airport?
Where should we look for elusive serial killers?

The answers lie in the crucial connection between maps and maths. In Mapmatics, Dr Paulina Rowinska embarks on a fascinating journey to discover the mathematical foundations of cartography and cartographical influences on mathematics.

From a sixteenth-century map that remains an indispensable navigation tool despite emphasizing the North–South divide to public transport maps that both guide and mislead passengers, she reveals how maps and maths shape not only our sense of space and time but also our worldview.

Through entertaining stories, surprising real-world examples and a cast of unforgettable characters, Mapmatics helps us to appreciate the mathematical methods and ideas behind maps. And, by illuminating how our world works, leaves us better equipped to understand and look after it.

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