Macrame Made Easy by Harumi Kageyama

Macrame Made Easy: Stylish Patterns and Projects for Beginners (over 550 photos and 200 diagrams) by Harumi Kageyama
English | 2022 | Hobbies & Home | 59 MB

From knotting a simple spiral bracelet to creating a boho wall hanging–macrame has never been easier or more stylish.

In this book, Japanese macrame and handicraft guru Harumi Kageyama presents illustrated step-by-step lessons that introduce you to 28 different knots and 23 innovative projects, including ornamental, wearable, and useful items such as:

Reusable shopping bags that look chic and cut down on waste
Knotted handbags and pouches that add a boho touch to any outfit
An ornamental feather to embellish just about anything
Spiral bracelets that call back to everyone’s favorite friendship bracelets
Covers to transform glass jars into unique decorative objects for events or home decor
And more!

While this book offers practical instructions and opportunities to practice what you’ve learned, it also serves as a resource for inspiration. Once you get the hang of the basics, your imagination and creativity will take over.

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