Letting You Down by P.J. Fernor

Letting You Down by P.J. Fernor (Allie Down Mystery Thriller #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 640 KB

A woman found murdered – her hand missing. A man found murdered – his hand missing. A killer like detective allie down has never dealt with before. And a previous case that connects in a way she never thinks possible. A call comes in.

A woman’s body has been found in a park. Murdered. Her hand cut off. Detective Allie Down takes the case and makes a quick connection to the woman and a shady loan company that has managed to skate under the radar. Up against two mob style brothers, Allie isn’t afraid of them, their company, or their subtle threats. All evidence points to the brothers – or one of their hired “associates” – for the murder.

Until another call comes in. A man’s body has been found in a different park. His hand cut off. And he has zero association to the first murder – and to the loan company. Just when Allie thinks she might be wrong, someone unexpected shows up with a confession. Does it close both murder cases? Not exactly. Someone else gets attacked. Only this time, the victim lives to tell the story. In the mix of this, Allie makes a startling revelation that has her thinking of a previous case. And seeking help from a source that not only could have her lose her shield, but also end up behind bars.

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