Kill Order by Chris Mullen

Kill Order by Chris Mullen (ePUB) Free Download

Kill Order by Chris Mullen (Cass Callahan #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Cass Callahan and his family yearn for a return to normalcy after the unsettling mystery and murders that shook their beloved ranch, the CR. However, their hopes for peace are shattered when the ruthless Camargo cartel sets in motion a disruptive plot that threatens the very fabric of their hometown.

When Cass’s son, Spencer, returns for a visit and becomes embroiled in a life-altering confrontation where one wrong move could prove deadly, the cartel dispatches two sicarios to recover stolen technology, eliminate those who may have accessed the data, and leave no witnesses behind. With danger mounting, body counts rising, and Spencer now missing, Cass finds himself torn between his wife’s desperate pleas to find their son and his unwavering commitment to stopping the cartel’s murderous rampage.

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