Justice Resurrected by Allen Berner

Justice Resurrected by Allen Berner (Colt Brannon #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 305 KB

After he almost lost his life in a gunfight, Former NYPD Detective and ex-marine, Colt Brannon, was looking forward to the boring life of a small town sheriff. Instead he finds himself at the head of a corrupt sheriff department filled with dirty cops and a conspiracy of dead bodies that led all the way to the murder of his grandfather, the town’s former sheriff.

The more strings Colt tugs on to unravel the truth, the farther back and larger the conspiracy becomes. All the way back to his father’s time in Viet Nam and as large as an international drug ring operating from out of his small boring town. What he thought would be his escape from the tough and dangerous streets of New York would throw him into far more dangerous missions. Guns, drugs and a bloodthirsty villain hell-bent on stopping him from finding out the truth, Colt would need every skill he learned in the marines and as a detective, and then some more to protect his family, friends and a county that looked up to him for salvation.

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