Justice Betrayed by A.J. Marchant

Justice Betrayed by A.J. Marchant (Micah York #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 305 KB

One is a criminal. One is a killer. Can she catch them both? Just like her father, Detective Micah York has spent her career bringing criminals to justice; except one. Even after decades of manpower and a specially formed taskforce, Morelli has slipped from their grasp time and again. Despite his known trading in an underground black market, he’s untouchable.

That is, until a cold case, the murder of a young man in cartel territory, turns up a connection that may lead straight back to him. Spiralling deeper into Morelli’s game, Micah hustles to keep up without losing sight of herself, or her wife and kids. But each turn of events takes her further along a dangerous path, one she may regret ever going down. Bodies drop around her, betrayals come to light, hard choices have to be made. Will the killer be brought to justice? Will Morelli go down alongside him? And at what cost will justice be served?

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