Into the Pit by Paul Sating

Into the Pit by Paul Sating (ePUB) Free Download

Into the Pit by Paul Sating (Brad the Impaler #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Level up or die trying!
Kill the Vampire King? Check. Unlock a new gamer name? Check. Now, it’s Brad’s time to conquer Darkworld, and his foul-mouthed Chihuahua is barking for an encore.

Building camp defenses, upgrading the house and farm, and setting up defenses are easier than downloading a patch. Helping friends avoid disastrous decisions is the challenge he needs time to solve.
But the chaos-hungry AI is impatient, pushing Brad to slay its monsters or it’ll deliver a permanent GAME OVER notification.
Alliances are forming, new enemies are made, camps are invaded, and Brad’s butcher is lingering like a weird guy at a nightclub, promising more than a creepy vibe.

Brad isn’t just fighting for XP, upgrades, and loot drops. He doesn’t care about crafting a legacy. Blood will be spilled for the dog he loves and the people he cares about.
Is Brad willing to embrace the darkness inside and jump into the pit?

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