Incel by Phil M. Williams

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Incel by Phil M. Williams
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

Five twentysomethings draw the ire of a paranoid psychopath, while searching for love in the digital age.
Dylan has the three sixes. Six feet tall, six-figure income, and six-pack abs. Technically, he only has two of the sixes. The phony story about his lucrative Wall Street career completes the package, allowing him to get any woman he wants. To Dylan, women are disposable, used for sex, and discarded.
Aaron, a wannabe author but currently a waiter, just wants a girlfriend. He wants to fall in love and to get married someday. He doesn’t want to play games—like his best friend and genetic lottery winner, Jack—which is why Aaron’s clearly losing in the dating game. Without a single six, Aaron finds nothing but rejection online, until Eve. A chance encounter with the stunning Eve showcases Aaron’s altruism, and it might change everything.

Eve can get any man she wants on the Sugar Babies dating app. To Eve, men are disposable, used for money, and discarded when they want too much in return. Until she meets Aaron. The waiter with average looks teaches Eve that beauty isn’t skin-deep. Her newfound values are tested when she meets Jack, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Lizzie, Eve’s best friend, wants a high-value man, with all the sixes, but these men are unavailable and borderline psychopathic. Lizzie’s mother advises her daughter to date a short man. “Nobody wants a short man. You’ll have the pick of the litter.” But Lizzie’s drawn to six-foot-tall bad boys, who only want one thing.
Stan has never had a girlfriend. Never even been kissed. He’s the IT guy at North Cedar Elementary School. When he’s not patrolling the internet, he obsesses over the beautiful fifth-grade teacher, Beth Price. But, when he finally gathers the courage to ask her out, he’s humiliated. His humiliation validates his suspicions—women don’t really want the nice guy. Stan’s done being the nice guy. He’s done being everyone’s punching bag. It’s time for revenge. It’s time to take what he wants.

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