If At First You Don’t Deceive by Elliot York

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If At First You Don’t Deceive by Elliot York
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Kill him. Kill myself. Vanish into thin air.
Those were my options. I tried the first two and failed miserably…

Everly Sutton thinks she’s finally found the happiness she’s chased for so many years. Colton West is handsome, successful and charming, everything she hoped for in a man. When he proposes after mere months, she says yes without hesitation. It isn’t long after the vows are exchanged that Everly realizes she’s made the worst mistake of her life.

It’s hard to outrun a secret when it follows you around like a dark shadow…

Desperation and fear force Everly to disappear from her old life for good. She finds refuge on remote Winborne Island. She’s convinced she’s freed herself from her nightmare marriage until reminders of a childhood secret, a secret that she once divulged to Colton in a vulnerable moment, come back to haunt her. Everly was sure she’d escaped the man for good. But, she soon finds, evil is especially wicked when it comes from the heart.

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