Games of Deceit by CW Browning

Games of Deceit by CW Browning (Kai Corbyn #1)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 279 KB

When the US embassy in New Delhi is ruthlessly bombed, America vows to hunt down the terrorist responsible . . . . . whatever the cost.
Kai Corbyn is Mossad’s most lethal operative.
After killing a vicious warlord in Bucharest, the last thing she expects is a visit from her handler.
He’s picked her to lead a team of assassins to capture Masha al Al-Amin, the most wanted terrorist in the world.
But as she prepares for the straight-forward mission, it soon becomes clear that she’s been chosen for a reason – and there’s much more to this than any of them knows.

The Americans are sending in the Navy SEALs to seize Masha al, and Kai has one order – make sure they don’t succeed.
Easier said than done when you’re facing the fiercest soldiers in the United States Navy, even for her.
Yet Masha al may hold the key to why she’s suddenly in the center of a black op that should never be attempted and she’ll do whatever it takes to reach him first.

As the stakes rise and time runs out, two elite forces race to claim the terrorist.

But an invisible enemy has plans of their own and is determined to stop them . . . . . even if it means sacrificing them all.

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