Error of Judgement by M K Turner

Error of Judgement by M K Turner (Meredith & Hodge #13)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Six-year-old Trixie Cole disappeared.
Trixie was within yards of her mother and other shoppers in a busy supermarket, yet no one witnessed her disappearance.
Trixie had died within hours of being taken, her body discovered two days later.
The original investigation team got nowhere, and they shelved the case as unsolved. Now it’s up to Meredith & Hodge, and the cold case review team (CCRT), to find out what happened to Trixie and catch her murderer.

Things go well until Meredith is told that funding for the CCRT is in question, and that could shut them down before they’ve really got started. Can Meredith solve what happened to Trixie? Will it be in time to save his department?
With Chief Constable Elizabeth Carrington looking over his shoulder, Meredith fears the worst, but is determined to get justice for Trixie. When Carrington turns up unexpectedly, the team hold their breath.

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