Dreams of Sorrow by Shauna Lawless

Dreams of Sorrow by Shauna Lawless (ePUB) Free Download

Dreams of Sorrow by Shauna Lawless (Gael Song Trilogy #2.5)
English | 2024 | Historical Fantasy

A tale of magic, power and heartbreak set in the tumultuous world of medieval Ireland, Dreams of Sorrow is the powerful new novella in Shauna Lawless’s Gael Song series.

Senna is sixteen and deeply in love. When a traumatic event leads to her unleashing powers she never knew she had, she learns her true heritage: her grandmother was a witch and a Descendant of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the legendary former rulers of Ireland.

But such gifts are hard to control, and Senna’s abilities mean that she might forever lose her place in the mortal world.
When she encounters other Descendants with similar powers, things start to look brighter. Anaile, old and wise, can help guide her path. Tomas, deeply ambitious, reveals the truth behind many strange mysteries. And Gobnat, a vivacious young witch, shows Senna how to control her magic.
But torn between a mortal existence and a magical one, Senna must make a decision that will shape her life… in more ways than she could ever expect.

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