Don’t Believe Her by Jane Heafield

Don’t Believe Her by Jane Heafield
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 409 KB

Could you really trust your sister-in-law?
When Lucy and Tom arrange a weekend in the country, the last thing they expect is Tom’s sister, Mary, to show up.
Mary wants to see her brother but is shocked to discover he has gone, his belongings are missing and there’s a bloodstain on the floor. It casts doubt on Lucy’s claims that he’s left her.

When Tom does not reappear the next day, the police are called, and he is reported missing. But Detective Reavley isn’t sure he trusts either of the women.
As accusations of extramarital affairs and violence come to light, the tension between the women comes to a head.
Where is Tom? And is Lucy really responsible for his disappearance?
Or is something far more sinister behind the mystery?

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