Death Do Us Part by Phil M. Williams

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Death Do Us Part by Phil M. Williams
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A home invasion ends in murder. Was it a burglary gone bad, or was it personal?
Mild-mannered professor, James Harris, met his future wife, Rachel, when she was a student in his class. Despite her age, she was more an adventurous vixen than an innocent schoolgirl. They hid their illicit affair until Rachel graduated, and then James made her an honest woman.

Rachel was the town it girl. The woman who all the men wanted and who all the women wanted to be. Even when she manipulated men for personal gain, they smiled and came back for more. But Rachel set aside her immature past to become a brilliant psychologist, who treated the most violent offenders.
All that beauty. All that intelligence. All gone.

Taken from the world during a brutal home invasion. James could’ve stopped the attack. He could’ve at least tried, but he froze. The police and Rachel’s family suspect there’s more to the story than James is telling.
All James knows is what he heard while he hid. The conversation between Rachel and the home invader leaves more questions than answers. Did Rachel know the home invader? Was it one of her psych patients? Was it an obsessed ex-boyfriend? Am I next?

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