Dead and Gone by Stephen Puleston

Dead and Gone by Stephen Puleston (Inspector Drake #9)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 955 KB

A woman’s body lying in a roadside ditch. Soon after one of her work colleagues is murdered at an ancient castle. Can Inspector Drake discover what connects them before more deaths?
Llinos Malton works with Annie, Inspector Drake’s partner, but her absence from work is troubling until her body is discovered in a roadside ditch. Is it more than a hit and run? Another of Annie’s colleagues, John Smyth, is missing but there is nothing to suggest foul play until his body is discovered in the grounds of an ancient Welsh castle.

Relationships made decades previously suggest there could be more to Smyth’s background. When the team discover Smyth’s links to some nasty extremists learning more about Smyth is urgent. And is Malton involved too? Drake faces pressure from his superior officer to focus on one suspect.

The death of an extremist linked to the inquiry suggests it is unconnected to the first two deaths but Drake’s instinct tells him the inquiry is more complex than first appears.
With the spotlight on the department where Annie works Drake can’t avoid Annie being involved and when he identifies the killer Annie’s life may well be at risk. It means a race against time to capture the killer.

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