Cry of the Wolf by Amy Cross

Cry of the Wolf by Amy Cross (ePUB) Free Download

Cry of the Wolf by Amy Cross (The Horrors of Sobolton #7)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Now that he’s finally solved one of the biggest mysteries in Sobolton’s history, John Tench is about to find out that his troubles are only just beginning. While Lisa Sondnes fights for her life in a hospital room, dark forces are starting to emerge from the forest with only one thing in mind.

Michael might be out of the picture for now, but his brother believes that their people have been too forgiving for too long. Convinced that the people of Sobolton have ignored the agreement that was struck many years earlier, the wolves are determined to avoid repeating the mistakes made by their father. And if that means drawing blood, then so be it.
John, however, has another problem brewing. Although he might not want to admit the truth, he sustained an injury out in the forest, and now that injury is starting to make itself felt. Can he fight to save himself, or is he about to discover the horrifying truth that led – many years earlier – to the town’s foundation?

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