Child With No Name by Franklin Horton

Child With No Name by Franklin Horton (Ty Stone Thrillers #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 420 KB

Army combat veteran Ty Stone has now joined the ranks of DKI, a veteran-operated organization waging war on human trafficking. He splits his time between training in Arizona and his home in Virginia. He’s doing better at the training than the winding down, struggling with his relentless PTSD symptoms if he has too much time on his hands.

Ty is eager to help when a local law enforcement contact involves him in the investigation of a drug-treatment clinic rumored to be buying children from their desperate patients. While Ty brings in some of his DKI resources, he can’t stop at that. Unable to stay in his lane, he becomes obsessed with the hunt for a pregnant drug-addict intent on staying out of the legal system. She knows if she can have her baby without legal entanglements, the undocumented pregnancy will bring in the biggest payday she’s ever seen.

Despite progress, Ty is still struggling on all fronts—trying to keep his symptoms under control and avoid making impulsive decisions. He’s constantly running afoul of the rules. He knows in his heart that the hunt for traffickers is his calling but can he do it by the DKI playbook? When the answers comes, it takes Ty in a direction no one could have predicted. One from which there is no coming back.

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