Bones of Echo Lake by Declan James

Bones of Echo Lake by Declan James (Jake Cashen #3)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 812 KB

The discovery of human bones on the idyllic shores of Echo Lake forces Detective Jake Cashen to expose long buried truths.
Worthington County’s coldest case heats up when ground-breaking on a new luxury subdivision comes with a grisly surprise. In full view of the media and half the town, a local politician uncovers the remains of a young girl, gone missing for decades.

The victim’s bones speak from the grave, telling a horrifying tale of her last moments on earth. Her death was no accident. She did not die peacefully. And she had a secret not even those closest to her knew. But was it worth killing for?

Jake zones in on a prime suspect with ties to a woman he cares about. Revealing the truth will destroy her. The case becomes personal and those in power think Jake should step aside. Are they right? Or is a conspiracy brewing that could allow a murderer to go free?

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