Black Death by Simon King

Black Death by Simon King (Sam Rader #4)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 221 KB

A rare female serial killer…
…black, proud and lethal.
Has Samantha met her match?
A female killer calling herself “Black Death” is murdering men around Chicago’s less than respectable establishments. Each body is found with a black rose, together with the same cryptic calling card, leaving authorities baffled as to her identity. When the latest victim turns out to be a well-respected police officer, the city’s mayor reaches out for help.

With Sam and the team sent in to help, things soon take a turn, after a link between two of the victims shows more than just a random homicide. When a respected member of the mayor’s own cabinet is found murdered, Sam turns to an unlikely source for help to track the culprit. But just as a break in the case seems certain, the tables quickly turn, leaving one of Pogrom’s very own in the firing line. With a relentless serial killer closing in and Sam desperate to save those closest to her, will she end another killer before tragedy strikes?

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