Beyond All Doubt by Hilton Reed

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Beyond All Doubt by Hilton Reed
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

When a grieving widower finds out there are dark secrets surrounding his wife’s death, he’s set on a nail-biting chase for the truth in this tense, propulsive thriller, perfect for fans of Joseph Finder and Meg Gardiner.

It’s been a year since Cameron Kane’s wife Alison died in a fiery car crash. Aside from the grief that has shattered his life, Cameron struggles to reconcile the memory of his wife with the reality of how she died. The police couldn’t explain what she was doing in a Lamborghini with Maxwell Harding, a wealthy white-collar criminal, but they were certain of one thing: both Alison and Maxwell died in the horrific accident.

Cameron is trying to start a new life with his daughter when he walks past a man who resembles Maxwell—the man who was pronounced dead beyond all doubt more than a year ago. The chance encounter quickly propels Cameron down a rabbit hole as he begins to question everything he knows about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. Is he simply imagining things, hoping that the police made some mistake? Or are his suspicions all too real?

The further he digs, the more he becomes convinced that there’s a deeper conspiracy at play. As he follows strings that lead to devious schemes and murder, Cameron knows that there’s no price he won’t pay for the truth. And as the deadly threats to Cameron mount, that price may be his very life.

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