Berlin Blue by Zbig Zbikowski

Berlin Blue by Zbig Zbikowski
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 830 KB

Can’t go forward without going back. Cold Warriors return to Berlin to settle old scores.
This place, West Berlin, was then (1980-1989) an enclave: an island of the free democratic West in the heart of communist East Germany.
As such, it was a refuge for many: young German men avoiding compulsory military service in the Bundeswehr, migratory birds, asylum seekers from the communist east, immigrants, shipwrecked people, anarchists, artists, people who loved differently or thought differently.
West Berlin was perfect for any runaway.

And perfect for every spy.
Twenty years later, the Wall has fallen and the world has moved on.
The past is past.
No one cares or even remembers.

Except the men and women who had lived through that time, for whom the past is an open, festering wound, a great burning mystery.
Who was the mole among them?
Were they manipulated and by whom?
For whose interests have they really wrecked their lives?

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