Ashes of a Nightmare by Jalena Dunphy

Ashes of a Nightmare by Jalena Dunphy
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 545 KB

There are 2 million home invasions per year. Every 5 minutes, one rape will occur. A violent crime will happen every 25 seconds, which begs the question. How safe are you in your home at night?
On the eve of Erin’s first night in her first home, she was excited and hopeful for her future. Until the doorbell rang…
Welcoming her to the neighborhood was Joe and his wife, Doris, an elderly couple whose presence didn’t offer Erin any comfort. Inviting themselves into her home, Joe and Doris subdue Erin and lock her in a crawl space. Once awake, she’s brought before Joe, who begins quoting scripture and accusing her of being a sinner in need of his help and guidance to enter into heaven.

Erin plays along with Joe’s dark, twisted views on God and the afterlife expecting help to come soon. The longer she’s around Joe, the more she’s subjected to the cruel teachings of a religious zealot. In the name of Jesus, he violates her body, forever tarnishing her soul.

After days of captivity, Erin must accept there is no one to save her but herself. With every new form of physical and mental torture Joe inflicts on Erin, she finds time to herself in the crawl space morphs from being her prison to her sanctuary. She quickly discovers freedom isn’t always found outside four walls but in the unconscious mind.
Salvation is Joe’s supposed purpose, but if what Joe is offering is salvation, Erin would rather be damned to hell.

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