Android State by Seth Rain

Android State by Seth Rain (The Cyberpunk Uploads #3)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 450 KB

Blake is android and in love with a human.
But in Lundun, the capital of the world’s first android state, the punishment for being human is death…
Cardinal’s offer to allow humans a peaceful way out of the country is not all it seems.

Forced to run from Fr.e.dom’s totalitarian regime, Blake and Lola search for an escape. But when they discover that humans are being killed on sight, they are pulled into a world of rebellion and defiance.
Blake, faced with one hard decision after another, struggles to control the spectrum. But he needs to learn quickly, or he and the woman he loves will pay the ultimate price.
Join Blake on another cyberpunked journey that will take you from Lundun, to the Scottish Highlands, to mainland Europe – in this universe and beyond.

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