Alone Time by Sybil Geldart

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Alone Time: Embracing solitude for health and well-being by Sybil Geldart
English | 2024 | Self Help

Being alone gives you the chance to think about yourself and your needs and goals without undue pressure, distractions or interference.

The importance of personal space in a changing world. In Alone Time, clinical psychologist and professor of psychology Sybil Geldart, PhD draws on personal anecdotes, case studies, and research to help you live well despite an ever-changing world. Taking time on your own allows you to take a slower, more deliberate pace and explore inner strengths, set goals and overcome problems. Practicing solitude is an age-old part of Eastern traditions of health and well-being, and ensuring some personal space and time alone – when self-initiated – will help you live a more fulfilled life.

In Alone Time, Dr. Geldart shows how solitude allows us time for self-reflection, to gain self-knowledge, and to seek a better understanding of others. Perfect for all life stages, from school-leavers and young professionals on, Alone Time includes tips, advice and exercises to help boost mental health and attain that elusive work–life balance. Dr. Geldart also shows how voluntary distancing has numerous benefits in life – from work and study to overcoming stress and anxiety, and, most of all, in being emotionally healthy and inspired to work towards a healthy and happy future.

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