A War of Wizards by Layton Green

A War of Wizards by Layton Green (Blackwood Saga #5)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | eBook | 434 KB

With the legendary sword Zariduke and the Coffer of Devla securely in the hands of Lord Alistair, the fate of the Revolution—along with the Blackwood brothers—has never looked so bleak.
While Caleb leads his army on a doomed mission across the Ninth Protectorate, Will remains imprisoned in a cloud dungeon on the other side of the Great Ocean. In the spired city of New Victoria, Val continues to stand by Lord Alistair’s side, an unwitting pawn in the Chief Thaumaturge’s scheme to destroy the Revolution and the Blackwood lineage once and for all.

As the Congregation prepares the killing blow, the only hope the brothers have to survive is to band together once again, retrieve the stolen artifacts, and lead the Revolution in a war against the wizards.
But is there a chance of victory against the overwhelming might and magic of the Congregation?

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