A Song of Ruin and Rage by Makenzie Marshall

A Song of Ruin and Rage by Makenzie Marshall (ePUB) Free Download

A Song of Ruin and Rage by Makenzie Marshall (A Quest for Sleeping Dragons #1)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

In the kingdom of Brython, bards are never women–until Tali unlocks a form of poetic magic most believe to be myth.
While Tali fights tradition, she sings a prophecy predicting an Unbalancing between the Dustborn realm and its two Otherworlds. As the radical Cult of Undoing—a religious sect that demonises Othereds—begins to rise in power and popularity, Tali sings of three others whose fates, like hers, are tangled up in the Unbalancing.

One: Eifian, who investigates the Cult’s activity at the behest of his missing uncle whilst grappling with a newfound, chaotic power.
Two: Serys, who is warned by her Otherworld mother that someone has been forcing shut portals between the Worlds—and that her blood may be able to stop it.

Three: Ffara, the king’s daughter, who fears her status as heir is in jeopardy, as Brython has never been ruled by a woman before—and certainly not by one with Otherworld magic in her veins. Magic her father’s priest is suddenly very interested in suppressing.

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